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Publicado em 4 de jul de 2014
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00:00 (01x01) The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate
* Sounds like a date do me
* Chandler to Ross: Cookie?
* Decaf for Rachel
* Monica was not invited to Rachel's wedding
* Maybe I dont need your money
* Raindrops on Roses.. Phoebe helped!
* Joey hitting on Rachel's wedding day
* Chandler and the horrible doorbell sound
* Paul the Wine Guy
* Just pulled out four eyelashes
* Arruba's big lizzards
* Phoebe doesnt want to help
* Hungry or horny: Stay out of my freezer
* Perform sexualily
* Gepetto and Pinocchio: I am a real live boy
* Monica can't stop smiling: hangar in her mouth
* Boots on sale: How well you know me
* When Phoebe first came to the city
* More coffee from Rachel?

03:12 (01x02) The One with the Sonogram at the End
* Ross breaks a "homo sapiens" arm
* Has anybody seen Rachel's engagement ring
* Rachel has to return the ring without the ring
* Monica and Ross find out Carol's pregant
* Ross tells his parents about Carol,Susan and their son
* Phoebe's twin is a high power driven carrer waitress
* How long was Ross in the bathroom ?
* Ross, that opens my cervix
* Ross and the fetus model
* Joey and Chandler watch Ross' son sonogram
* Rachel gets back at Mindy and Barry

5:39 (01x03) The One with the Thumb